Our talented photographer

Our eldest son has reached an age where technology fascinates him and his grasp of it, like most children of the 21st century, is such that he’s far, far better at it than we are. With the younger two slumbering in granny’s company, we headed out for a walk first thing yesterday morning, our eldest boy tagging along with his camera.

He’s also getting to an age where it’s not enough to take photos, but also ‘experiment’ with the end results on his tablet, thanks to various bits of software.

Some are excellent. Whether they turn out this way by accident or some emerging talent, I don’t know. As his mother, though, I’ll suggest the latter. 🙂

He was trailing behind us yesterday and grabbed this shot of Jim and I, the three of us being the only people on the beach a little before 700am!

I’m currently going through some of his images with him to see if there’s any other ‘experimental naturist’ photos I might be able to utilise here. Although I’ve also had to give him a gentle, motherly talk about not infringing other people’s privacy. Nevertheless, there’s some photos I may try and utilise in the blog at a future date.


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