‘But you will see my panties!’

It gets windy in the afternoons, almost every afternoon, where we go on holiday. The wind picks up in late afternoon, blows for a couple of hours, then settles back into beautiful, warm evenings.

Women often throw a sarong around themselves to head down to the beach, myself included sometimes, and the wind will be whipping the sarong up around our waists so that everything below the waist is on display anyway 🙂

One of the funnier things I saw this week was the girl who lives in the flat opposite struggling with the wind.

She’s a young, slim, very beautiful girl who walks naked and confidently on her balcony. A stunning looking girl, happy with her naturist lifestyle.

She goes out to work in a short, summer dress and she made me laugh the other evening on her return. The wind was blowing the skirt up constantly, and she was tugging hard at it to keep it in place. She’s happy to be seen naked, but seemed terrified that her panties might end up on display!


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