Extended familial naturism

One thing that seemed to be a bit of ‘a thing’ on my recent holiday is the number of extended families who appear to be embracing and enjoying naturism.

I wrote earlier in the week about three generations of Spanish naturists in the pool, not an extraordinary thing where there’s a culture of naturism, but earlier this week I was in conversation with an Irish trio, a man, his wife, and the wife’s sister.

There was once a time when people kept their naturism hidden, a sort of secret not meant to be shared with others. Happily, people are now more open and blasé about their naturist activities.

This is a good thing, because it exposes more people to the lifestyle and encourages others who’d never thought of themselves as naturist to discover that they, too, are actually inclined toward naturism when opportunity presents itself.

The man in this Irish trio told me that he had always been keen on the idea of naturism, but didn’t really know how to bring up the conversation to his wife. Eventually he did, expecting a ‘no, never’ response and was surprised to hear her agree to the idea of a naturist holiday. ‘But I told him I’d keep my swimsuit on!’, she interjected. A day into their holiday she was in the pool and on the beach as naked as everyone else, loving the lifestyle.

They then bought an apartment here, and began coming out regularly. Eventually the wife told her sister, expecting a ‘how could you? In front of strangers?’ response.

Instead, her sister thought the idea ‘intriguing’ and asked if she could come out with them…but keep her swimsuit on! 🙂

You know how this story ends, don’t you? 🙂

The sister picked up the story saying that ‘it was a bit of a shock when [my sister] got naked immediately we arrived. I’d not seen her naked since we were 10 or younger, sharing a bath. It was then a bit mind-blowing when [my brother-in-law] stripped naked. I didn’t know where to look! After the first couple of hours it seemed normal. My sister and I had been coming here (the pool area) for swims, but it was a bit disconcerting to think of [my brother in law] seeing me naked. I’d forgotten about it within an hour or so and I’m loving every minute!!’

Another (mental) image I have from the week was a 70-ish year old woman taking a walk with her 40-ish year old son (I know their relationship because they live around the corner from the apartment we use, and have spoken to them individually before).

We had ‘Granny’ with us, something that’s becoming a regular occurrence, and Granny has embraced the naturist lifestyle too. Granny’s mantra could very well be ‘I wish I had discovered this 50 years ago!’

Naturism is, I find, increasingly beginning to filter through generations of families, which is an exceptionally positive thought.


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