Why didn’t you say?


A couple of days ago I posted an entry which referenced the model and how there would be more of her tomorrow, something that didn’t actually happen due to my forgetfulness and generally being on holiday 🙂 

So let me right that wrong and introduce you to that model (an act you’ve known for all these years!) and someone who will be occasionally contributing to the blog. 


I have still been reading SLN, despite not being so free with my time, now that I’m a new Mum. Exhausting, wonderful, rewarding, beautiful motherhood. Now that I have some sort of routine established, I’ve been able to check up on what’s new in the SL naturist universe more regularly, and a post by Ella last week caught my eye where she said that she couldn’t blog because she had to research what she needed to blog next. There was clearly a time management issue there, which didn’t seem to happened to us so much when I had no child to impact on my SL time, and Ella didn’t have a new born to add to her other two.

Why didn’t you say, Ella???

The long and short of it is that I logged in, dropped her an IM and I’m happy to say that she accepted my proposal that I return, perhaps not quite as actively before, but hopefully to be able to occasionally contribute. Besides, I’ve missed SL more than I imagined.

One thing I am going to be doing as I contribute is to update my avatar, so as best to reflect the changing hairstyles I’ve encountered in real life now that I don’t have quite so much time in real life to go to the hairdresser’s as often as I once did!

My perspective on life has been altered by motherhood and marriage, so I thought that it might be useful to also change from being ‘Pookes’ to being Eva. My real name is Evelyn, but I’ve always been called Eva in real life. I joined SL in the days when you got a choice of a few pre-determined surnames, so I adopted ‘Pookes as something I felt offered a little bit of the feisty image I wished to portray all those years ago. It’s possibly worth remembering that ‘Pookes’ spent some of her time wandering the sims of SL, in those early days, as a vigilante/terrorist 🙂 rather than a peace-loving hippy chick! We all certainly do need time to find and develop our own SL personalities, don’t we?

No, I won’t have the time to contribute as fully as I once did, but hopefully I can throw the occasional blog post in to make life a little easier for Ella.



The Scope…

At home, for all of us, the scope of naturism isn’t quite as wide as it is on holiday. Where I’m holidaying, living in an apartment on a naturist ‘urbanisation’ (essentially a gated community) naturism is possible on a 24/7 basis, with easy access to the nearby beach and even possible on the public roads around where I am.

This makes a massive difference to the way a nude life can and is lived. Today, I won’t have any clothes on at all until after I sit down before breakfast tomorrow morning and do another blog entry.

The supermarket is closed, you see, so there won’t be any need to visit it for food. We’ve planned ahead and there’s enough in the apartment to keep us going until tomorrow morning (and beyond). We won’t be eating dinner out tonight. With six of us travelling, dinner is an occasional treat, rather than something we do every night, otherwise it would become too expensive. Tonight will be a simple pasta dish whipped up in the kitchen of the apartment and a communal meal had around a large table on the balcony.

Bearing this in mind, it means that I’m nude now, will be nude on our walk to the beach this morning and nude around the communal pool area this afternoon.

After all this time I don’t even notice I’m nude anymore, but in case anyone’s thinking that that’s just the voice of an experienced naturist, most other people find that the nude state becomes the natural state remarkably quickly. While being naked is something most people only know from their bathing routine or sexual encounters, an hour’s nudity in mundane, everyday situations puts an entirely different perspective on our own and other people’s bodies.

Strictly speaking, our naked day began a few minutes after midnight, and I snapped Jim in the pool while we had a midnight skinny dip.

Despite the sun being up in real life, my avatar has been able to replicate and enjoy the memories of that late night, real life skinny dip in the early hours by adjusting SL’s time settings for a night swim.

As a lazy Sunday begins, I’m watching people emerge nude from their beds, onto balconies, and stretch and yawn their way into the day. Clothes are unnecessary!



And Granny came too…

I won’t lie. When Grandma Keng first met me and the subject of naturism came up, I think she thought that if I’d told her my hobby was ‘prostitution’ she’d have been less concerned.

As time progressed and she learned about it, her resistance faded until eventually she began to accompany us on naturist holidays. She even ended up being a bit more blasé about her own nudity than her son, Jim, Mr. Keng, was.

Audrey, her real name, is quite possibly my best friend and I encouraged her to adopt an SL avatar. She does, sporadically, but she isn’t a regular player.

Growing old, and widowed a few years ago, she’s actually grown into the role of ‘Grandma’ and reborn woman in recent years. I love this woman to bits! She’ll read this, of course, but it has to be said…she has reinvented herself quite magnificently since her husband died.

Tonight she has been babysitting her grandchildren while Jim and I got out for a rare dinner alone together. This afternoon she was in the pool and reading her Kindle simultaneously. I got a couple of photos, told her she was the subject of tonight’s post, and while she’s happy to be photographed, did ask that she was pixellated. ‘We’ll see how things go by the end of the week’, she told me, inferring that if her confidence continues, unpixellated photos might well appear!

Audrey turned 70 this year, and is embracing naturism like she was born to it. Which demonstrates to me that, in the right circumstances, most people will go naturist if the environment is right.

For us, the environment is right. Audrey’s sitting with us, her son, daughter in law and eldest grandson, as naked as the day she was born, right now on a balmy Spanish evening. It’s totally natural to her. Totally natural to her son, daughter in law and grandson. The way life should be lived.




St Juan’s night, Spain

We’ve been in Spain for St Juan’s celebrations for several years now. Bonfires will be lit at midnight, skinny dipping will take place (even amongst people who don’t identify as naturist) and a lot of alcohol will be consumed. The celebrations are a big deal in Spain. Grandma Keng may possibly look after the children and Jim and I will head down to the beach and, if opportunity arises, certainly join the skinny-dippers. Failing that, we’ll watch the fireworks from our apartment.

Our model is ready to skinny dip (more of her tomorrow) at one of the bonfires at the Su Casa naturist sim, which seem ready made for St. Juan type celebrations.


Postcards from Spain, 2017 (2)

Well, we’re settled into our apartment. Down to the beach first thing, some swimming, some sunbathing, a low-key afternoon and then a good part of the afternoon around the apartment block’s own pool. We’ve been out for dinner to a pizza place, and Jim took the children back to the apartment to get them showered and ready for bed while Audrey -Grandma Keng!- and I had a glass of wine before following them back. I’m not sat on the balcony, without clothes, in the warm heat of a Spanish evening watching darkness descend. The children are all asleep already -all of that fresh sea air and exercise leaves them exhausted at the end of the day- and I’m contemplating a dip, naked of course, in the pool in half an hour or so.

No posts tomorrow. We’re off to a zoo and wild west place, and we’ll be out for most of the day, but I anticipate more posts on Saturday evening and into Sunday morning.



Ella & Jim ‘celebrate’

We’re off in the morning to Spain, so I’ll be picking subsequent posts up as ‘Postcards from Spain’ for the next 10 days. That’s a reason to ‘celebrate’ (although the early morning alarm call much less less so).

With children in tow, and also mother-in-law, who loves to fulfil her role as ‘Gran’ and ‘babysitter in chief’, we certainly act responsibly at all times. Where, pre-children, we could go out at 6pm for a quiet drink and still be out after midnight, our ‘partying’ now usually involves a barbecue on the terrace, a glass of wine (or two at most) and sitting chatting after the children have fallen exhausted into bed.

I’ve been over to Zen Creations, where a number of poses are available for free, and there’s no group join fee!

One, called ‘Celebrate’, caught my eye in particular. It comes with attachable wine glass and beer bottle too, and if you ‘buy’ it you can also transfer the prop to the person you’re posing with.

It reminded me of a barbecue we got invited to at a naturist campsite by a river in France. We ate, the drinks came out, and then some guitars and it must have ended up with about 30 people, families and couples, all sitting round the fire in the early hours, singing stuff that came into our heads. We staggered off to our tent around 200am and suffered the next day from dreadful hangovers! 🙂

While those days are behind us, we still have much to celebrate. Going on holiday, the magical world we live in, people, family, togetherness, the great variety of naked bodies all celebrating being alive! The spirit of togetherness naturism fosters, a less to the world.

Speak to you from Spain…probably on Thursday night when we’re all settled in.


The Man Cave

The SLN building has got another of its little upgrades that happen from time to time. Howie has been over at The Man Cave event, and snagged a bunch of vintage recording gear on their gatcha (L$50 a throw).

Older avatars can explain to younger avatars why there’s a pencil stuck through a cassette tape! 😀


Tattoo layers for an older avatar look.

I think many of my SL friends maintain ‘classic’ avatars, not for me the idea of mesh bodies and Bento heads. Frankly, I don’t like mesh bodies as I can’t edit them enough to accurately reflect how I wish to present myself in SL. And then there’s the question of Sansar…or SL v2.0…although Linden Labs don’t like to see it as such. Will all of that mesh and Bento be transferrable to this new world? So I’ve never committed to mesh in any shape or form, but there are definite, visible benefits to it, such as appliers to ‘age’ yourself. I feel that as SL grows up there’s less emphasis on looking forever young anymore, with many avatars adopting a physique that accurately reflects their age.

One such avatar is Barbara, who has written for us in the past on ‘the older avatar’. Her contributions are like buses! 😉 Wait long enough and two come along at once.

She’s a keen advocate of anything that portrays herself as an older avatar, so she pointed me in the direction of Izzies store where there’s different appliers to age your avi, and there are a few which even cater for classic avatars, with tattoo layers (L$199) that do the job.

Barbara sent along some photos…

Barbara without ‘aged’ tattoos

Barbara with ‘aged’ tattoos, crows feet around her eyes being particularly visible in the bottom pic, and an excellent tattoo layer for those wishing to utilise an aged avatar

My perception is that as SL ages, so too does the way in which its avatars perceive themselves. I’ve begun to notice that many avatars, particularly males, are adopting an older looking avatar, and this is a positive thing in my view, broadening the general feel of the population inworld.


Postcards from Spain 2017

It’s that time of year again, when I jet off to the sun for 10 days of naturism.

I have to say I’ve learned to hate flying. Not because I think the plane’s got a gibbering idiot behind the controls or that we’re going to crash. Just that in the time I’ve been flying it has become an increasingly annoying thing with all of the sense of security that surrounds it, and what used to be a hot meal served now downgraded to a ‘meal’ that comprises a sandwich.

I fully understand the need for all of the security involved, it’s just that it doesn’t make for a wonderfully pleasurable experience. It’s a means to an end. And airports the world over do all they can to rip you off, something else that makes it even more of a hateful experience.

I feel that we’ll probably, eventually, go back to holidaying in France, taking the ferry and then driving to some of that country’s wonderful naturist campsites, but we’ll have to wait until the children are older.

There’s also a fight to get them out of school, and some veiled threats of fines. As we near the end of term, the school year is winding down. My feeling is that the children will learn more in a week in a foreign country than they will at school at this time of year, and I know many parents feel the same. Again, the airlines rip us off by hiking the price when the school year ends, a thing that irritates most parents. We try to get our children to learn a little of the language while they’re away. Our oldest boy is confident enough to order a coke or an ice cream in Spanish now, and a little knowledge of the language is, we hope, a foundation for an interest in languages which will serve him well when he goes to high school. And that’s something his primary (elementary) school won”t teach him.

Back to the security issue…

Perhaps the time has come for us all to fly naked. No concealed weapons possible!!!

And some of you may be aware that there was publicity some years ago for Naked Air, an airline on which you could fly nude.

Their website has a gallery, but as the photos are subject to copyright I won’t reproduce them here. Go see for yourself!

Next Wednesday morning will find me at the airport dressed for comfort because when you get to the far end, the heat hits you full-on. I shall probably be reporting, from Thursday onwards, from Spain and doing the usual thing I do in the evenings out there…report back on what I’ve seen in resort, as replicated in SL, through another series of ‘Postcards’.

The loose pants and handkerchief top that I’m wearing in the photos are from Poshtale are free if you wear your Fab Free group tag. They’re very much the sort of thing I wear in real life for the flight out to the sun.

The location for the photos, both terminal building and plane, was Second Norway Airport.