Meet & Greet at Eden Naturopolis

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be online and inworld this Saturday evening from 10pm to 2am BST at our office at the Eden Naturopolis estate. (2PM & 6PM SLT, if I’ve got my calculations right!)

Eva (the SL contributor formerly known as Pookes) will join me at some point during a ‘meet and greet’ which we’ve done before. It’s your opportunity to get to meet one, or both, of us and get your points over on how you think we should develop the blog and our SL presence.

For those who don’t know, our office is sited directly opposite the main teleport location at Eden Naturopolis, at the lighthouse.

You probably do have a slurl saved for the main TP point, so you can either use that, or the link above, which pretty much will land you at our front door.

SL’s office at the Eden Naturist Estate, at the lighthouse next to the main TP point

If you’re online at that time, please feel free to join us!

L-R Eva (Pookes), Diane and Ella


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