It would appear that UK newspaper The Metro is rapidly becoming my go-to place for nudity, if not exactly naturist, stories.

It’s old news, the story dates from 2016, but one blogger urges other mothers to be more relaxed about their naked form.

You can follow the blogger, Constance Hall, on Facebook if you use that thing, and she appears to have quite an enlightening approach to life and parenting.

Obviously, it’s something, as a naturist, that I advocate, teaching children there’s no mystery about naked bodies.

My older children and I (or their Dad) will shower or bath together from time to time, usually more for convenience than anything else. I’ll help with hair washing, and sometimes it’s easier to hop in the tub with them for this purpose.

Nudity is par-for-the-course in our bathroom, as well as around the home if we’re having a naturist day (i.e. weather permitting). One family who are friends of ours aren’t naturist, but I know they’ve a similarly relaxed familial-nudity-is-OK attitude at home, so perhaps it’s a little more common than imagined.

A note about the photographs: I’ve got an alt and was able to create a child-sized alt for use in the photos. It’s my desire to try and promote naturist values as healthy and family friendly. A look around any naturist campsite will reveal that it’s very much a family orientated lifestyle. Sadly, due to some sick minds, the representation of children in naturist photography has all but been eradicated, and is now often presented as ‘adults only’. I would love to present naturism as family friendly more often than I do, but even within SL some sick minds exist to fulfil their own sordid, sick fantasies through ‘age play’ (commonly, rightly, banned in many SL sims).

As a result, I’ve gone as far as pixelating the ‘child avatar’ (i.e. me using an alt) for the purposes of the photos, so not to feed those depraved minds.


6 thoughts on “blogger-urges-other-mothers-to-get-naked-around-their-children-to-teach-them-about-real-bodies

  1. My husband and I have always been nude around our children in the bath and bedroom and now our grandchildren as well.

  2. My husband and I have been called exhibitionist before because we choose to be nude in locker rooms and bathing facilities. It never ceases to amaze us how scared people are in our society of the nude body of others.

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