Nude male swimming in High Schools?

A couple of years ago, when Trine was editing the blog, she covered a story about nude swimming at the YMCA (in America).

Some readers commented that boys did swim nude, and girls in costumes, but on different days.


As I wasn’t editing at that point, it was a story that largely passed me by, until I discovered some photographs online today purporting to tell the same story.

It’s hard to know what’s true. CFNM (Clothed female, nude male) is, I would suggest, a bit of a fantasy thing in the internet era. Wiki calls it ‘a genre of erotica’.

From what I can gather, nude swimming was present in the YMCA -because the clue’s in the name, Men- but was discontinued when the YMCA began admitting females. This seems to have been a fairly commonplace change in attitudes in once male-only preserves.

So some of those photos of nude male swimming teams may just be true, although I don’t really see those photos making it to the school yearbook, do you?

There’s quite a number of this type of photo around, but note, if you’re doing your own research on the topic, just how poor quality some of the photos are, and without any definite sort of detail, i.e. the school involved, where they were located and so on. Are they hiding a bit of photoshopping?

The colour ones are almost certainly ‘real’ photos, but ‘modelled’ to play on this ‘genre of erotica’ more than anything else. They’re unlikely to reflect the real world.

But it was certainly a scenario, whether it ever happened in real life or not, that was simple to recreate for the blog.




My SL friend Malgorzata has often posed for us because ‘poses’ are her big thing, and she’s been collecting them for so long now she says she regularly gets modelling work (nude and non-nude) due to her capacity to locate a pose for every occasion.  She says that there are a huge number of poses out there, and her preferred method is to type ‘poses’ in the ‘places’ search tab, and then go shopping. All of the poses featured here were free, and ‘purchased’ today, July 22nd.

Malgorzata hasn’t said which came from which stores. I’ve IM’ed her and will add tps to the photos when she gets back to me.