Sansar (an update)

Sansar, the SL v2.0 that isn’t SL v2.0, or so we’ve been told, is ramping up it’s efforts to be ‘go’ in ‘the first half of 2016’ with a public creator beta version going live yesterday.

It feels, to me, as if what we’re seeing is Linden Labs now creating the world for us to inhabit, in tandem with SL’s current creators, before it finally goes live for all of us.

Apollo Museum in Sansar

Photos of Sansar look fantastic, although there’s no way of knowing how much they’ve been doctored to look impressive. If the eventual experience is this good, it’ll be fantastic.

The article states that the avatar is still being developed, so we’ve no way of knowing how much more realistic our avatars will look. Personally, the avatar and landscaping would be the most important facets of Sansar, with infrastructure falling in behind as more and more people sign up. It rather feels, and I’m no tech expert, that ‘the first half of 2018’, maybe next summer, is the earliest we’ll get to experience Sansar for ourselves.

A second post from the modem site shows avatars as they currently appear to be, as well as some of the basics for signing up and signing in right now. There’s also a link to the Sansar store, which gives some indication of what the content available for purchase already holds.

Currently the store appears to be concentrated on ‘things’ (fair enough) rather than avatars themselves. I’m tempted to sign up for the free account and poke around. After all, when it does eventually go live, it would be nice to have some naturist infrastructure firmly in place. 😉


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