All the fun of the fair!

I don’t know about your home town, but the UK is peppered with seaside funfairs right now. From decades of turning our back on dirty old city rivers, or allowing former dock areas fall into ruin, we’ve suddenly embraced those parts of town, redeveloped them, gentrified former ‘hard’ parts of towns and cities and reinvented entire areas. Of course, some people complain that the area is no longer for the people who once formed communities there, and I’ve some sympathy with that view when people are forced out due to property speculation and rising property prices.

I’m not an adrenalin junkie, so the funfairs that often appear in conjunction with pop-up markets, usually all as part of some summer festival, aren’t going to be things I do. I don’t need rollercoasters or any of those other dangerous looking ‘fun’ things in proximity to me.

Others, of course, love them!

And like to do nudity on them too.

A few years ago there was a naked charity rollercoaster ride in the UK to raise money for cancer research.

I did some further research and discovered that British Naturism, the UK’s governing body for naturists, had organised naturist weekends at Alton Towers amusement hotel/resort and also in Blackpool, once the fulcrum of British seaside holidays in the north of England.

This seemed like a challenge to do something similar in Second Life.

I discovered there was a small funfair located at the Naked sim (see? we naturists in SL think of everything!) so I went on the ferris wheel thing, and also the merry go round. I mentioned it to Diane, who then decided she would like to see how much naturist funfair scope we had in SL, beginning at the Goodnight Amusement Park (not a naturist sim!).

Next up for Diane was Paradise Amusement Park. Again, it’s not naturist, so proceed with caution!

I was then reminded that Su Casa Naturist also has some funfair styled attractions? The dodgem/bumper cars are fun, and while a bungee jump isn’t a familiar ‘funfair’ attraction, it’s certainly something thrill seekers enjoy. And yes, naked bungee jumping in SL has its own RL equivalent.



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