Second Life nude photographers

Harry would be the first to tell you that he’s a ‘snapper’, not an artistic photographer, and the imagery on our pages are for illustrative purposes rather than be any sort of ‘art’ photography. SLN’s purpose isn’t, primarily, to produce fantastic photography.

There are, however, some absolutely fantastic nude photographers working in Second Life.

I’d suggest that John Pearl’s work on Flickr is well worth investigating, as is Isle Biedermann’s work.

I’ll add a third name to that list of photographers whose work really grabs me: Fabio Lazuli, whom I’ve known for quite some time in SL, as well as admiring his work.

Fabio can often be found at Commune Utopia, a place I’ve not visited for quite some time now, due to the external pressures of pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, work and, latterly, school holidays, but it’s somewhere I intend to revisit when my life takes up a more normal shape in a month’s time.

As the work of the photographers is their own copyright, I won’t illustrate this post with their work -click the links! – but instead illustrate it with one of our own more ‘arty’ shots.



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