Summer winds down

The trip to buy new school uniforms this week reminded me that the summer is almost over and it’s ‘back to school’ time in a couple of weeks. This summer has been the first where my children have got to an age where playing in the garden daily didn’t satisfy, and we’ve had road trips to various attractions to make the summer holidays more interesting.

As a result, SLN has suffered from a relative dearth of posts, but we’ll be ratcheting that up shortly as the naturist season in Europe begins to wind down. Once the schools go back, you can see a downturn in naturist locations abroad and naturism, while still doable, diminishes for another year. My summer, this summer, has been much less active, naturist wise, than previously, but we’ve a holiday back in Spain next week to look forward to.

Again, this has been dictated by the needs of the children. In previous years, pre-school and nursery (kindergarten) years it was possible to take a cheap holiday in mid-September, as the children weren’t losing out on an enormous amount of learning (and, indeed, I often regarded a week in the sun attempting to learn some Spanish as a more educational week than might be achieved in school).

What not posting as much has allowed me to do, though, is think. I’ve had lots of time to consider various angles and ideas for the blog, and when the children are back to school I’ve got a number of plans that I’d like to bring forward into SLN. First off, there’ll be a bit of general housekeeping, and after that we’re…well, you’ll just have to wait and see! 😉

This morning is a beautiful morning, and there will be some home-naturism later when the sun gets a bit higher in the sky. I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world, but there’s a bit of an autumnal nip in the morning air, and the leaves on the chestnut trees, the first to appear in spring, the first to go in autumn, are already changing colour.

I’ll try to get some ‘Postcards’ published from Spain during next week, and after that SLN will begin to ratchet up its posting activity for autumn and winter.



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