Brighton naturist beach

I didn’t realise it was as recently as 38 years that Britain’s first naturist beach, at Brighton, was opened.

The UK’s Daily Star reported the anniversary. What’s interesting about the article is that they published a photograph in which pubic hair -effectively full frontal nudity- appears. First time ever for a UK newspaper? I’m not sure if the photo made the print edition, but it certainly makes it to their digital version.

Four decades on, nudity is commonplace in Brighton, including the end of their World Naked Bike Ride


Ella adds : apologies for no ‘in world’ postings from Spain. The signal we have in the apartment is exceptionally poor right now (Spanish internet isn’t the best in the world) and not strong enough to allow SL to load. I’ve been reduced to re-heating media stories about naturism, but there have been some interesting RL naturist ‘postcards’ that will emerge when I get home on Monday.