Unbecalmed at North

Imaginative topography

Harry takes a break from being the photographer, to being the subject

Sometimes, I’ve written about this before, SL just doesn’t ‘grab’ me. I flick around the clothes blogs and think ‘these items don’t cut the mustard even for a naturist wardrobe’. A slight feeling of boredom hits me, then ‘bam!’ something new comes up and off I go, my SL reinvigorated.

Often, as I don’t feel a need for a huge lot of clothes buying, it’ll be a pose that reinvigorates my SL. Or a place.

North is an exceptionally photogenic sim with many, many, cute poses in its various corners. Ideal for photography, nude or textile. I particularly liked the cliffside geography of the place, as opposed to beach after beach after beach.

I liked, too, completely new poses to me, such as skateboarding and throwing a few baskets.

It’s not naturist, but hey! I’m reaching the conclusion that all of SL is fair game for naked activity -just as the real world is. It’s just a case of exercising discretion.

If you like your SL photography, I thoroughly recommend this delightful sim.



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