Nude snorkelling and diving

We’ve covered the topic of naked snorkelling and diving before, notably the semi-nude Japanese pearl fishers, as well as a fantastic naturist scuba dive at Naked Dreams.

I thought it was a topic worth exploring again.

Second Life offers opportunities to do some snorkelling. Clearly, the naturist snorkelling at Naked Dreams (see photos below) are away and far our favourite spot, but a search will turn up several locations in which to do it. The Marketplace also has many snorkelling or diving accessories, a range to meet everyone’s pocket, and the set I’m wearing in the photos (below) cost L$5 from the marketplace, although there’s a free set at the embarkation point at Naked Dreams.

I’ve snorkelled, without much success, I can never get my breathing right, and never scuba dived, but I think that SL scuba might be a reasonable visual representation of the RL variety.


One thought on “Nude snorkelling and diving

  1. As someone who has snorkeled nude often the pics here are quite refreshing to so and strongly reflect the pleasure of doing so. Plus how natural it is.

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