The weather and the seasons

As a naturist, the summer months are clearly the season I’m going to enjoy most. I’m afraid, though, that apart from my trips to Spain this summer has been an almost total washout as far as home naturism here in Scotland has been concerned. May was quite good, but after that the weather descended into greyness and lots and lots of rain. 75% above our normal, which can be wet enough anyway!

As for the rest of the UK…northern England, Wales and Northern Ireland were in similar positions regarding the rain. Our garden is squidgy underfoot, so goodness knows what it’ll be like in the dead of winter. Of course, given the strange weather patterns that exist now (happy, climate change deniers?) the possibility remains that the rain stops soon and we won’t see a drop for weeks on end.

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Sinking into the mud!

Of course I’ve been in naturist situations where we’ve been caught out in the rain. Often. But it brings its own pleasures. There’s something lovely about sitting in a swimming pool while the rain torrents down, bouncing off the surface of the water. Why should we care? We’re wet already! 🙂

In Spain, the rain does truly fall mainly on the plain. It can become positively dangerous as it cascades off the mountains and fills the ramblas, and can wash bridges away, destroy homes and such like.

This ‘rambla’, a dry river bed, can fill in a very short space of time when the rains arrive.

But hey! Here I am talking about the weather, sounding like a true Brit!

I started to write this blog entry on Saturday, when we’d had rain every day for weeks. Heavy rain. And sure enough, as I suggested, it stopped on Sunday and we’ve had wall to wall sunshine since 🙂 Once I’ve got the children off to school it even looks as though a bit of early autumnal naturism might be possibly in the sun-trapped patio of our house.



One thought on “The weather and the seasons

  1. walking naked in a warm summer rain can be quite pleasurable and fun. However the sun is the true pleasure maker for us nudies.

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