A Rainbow Gathering…and Burn 2 is getting nearer.

I begin lots and lots of blog posts, but many invariably slip through the net as we move on to other naturist-related news. Some begin as a ‘good idea’ that peters out. There’s about 500 drafts for the 2000+ posts we have published, so a 25% failure rate.

I began the following post at the beginning of this year, but it was (yet another post) never completed. This week I’ve been tidying up aspects of the blog, trashing some posts and examining others for possible use. With SL’s own ‘Burning Man’ happening in October (21st-29th)*, I thought it was a useful time to revisit this particular ‘counter culture’ posting, rework it and expand it.


One fascinating article I read in the media, early in this year, was about Rainbow Gatherings, a loose conglomeration of ‘new age’ type people that we’ve written about before in the context of a hippy counterculture.

SL serves people interested in this sort of hippy look very well, with ‘boho’ fashion being regularly blogged by various people, there’s a variety of dreadlock hairstyles in SL, and becoming a hippy avatar is relatively easy and cheap to do, whereupon you can visit numerous sims where aspects of this alternative lifestyle takes place, and usually these sims are nude-friendly, as they are in real life.



p1100410There are several excellent sims where you can indulge your inner, or visible, hippy, counterculture lifestyle.



Flower Fairy practices her yoga in a quiet, SL gorge

I’ll be revisiting the ‘Burn 2’ (SL’s own ‘Burning Man’ festival) again next week, as well as talking to and hopefully photographing some of SL’s ‘hippy’ avatars.



*We were part of the press team for Burn2 last year and have applied to be part of that again this year.