Arvida Bystrom’s Adidas commercial

Naturists often pride themselves on their individuality, and that’s true when you consider how they exist outside a conventional lifestyle. Of course I could now do a piece on ‘conventionality’ being a construct all by itself, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Instead, maybe we could focus on how, despite trumpeting their credentials as individuals, many naturists conform to an entirely different set of conventions, with shaving, for both men and women, being top of the list. These days, the existence of pubic or underarm hair is nothing more than a myth in certain naturist venues, and some voices even go as far as suggesting that a true naturist (whatever the hell that is) couldn’t seriously sport pubic (or underarm) hair.

It’s therefore a source of delight to me when I see photographs of events like a Spencer Tunick shoot or a mass skinny-dip for charity to find that pubic hair isn’t quite as ‘endangered’ as some naturists would have you believe.

So much for being able to think ‘freely’ and ‘individually’ when some vocal, blustering naturists attempt to box other naturists into their own set of preferences. One woman naturist I know generally depilates her pubic area for the summer, and goes ‘natural’ in the winter months, and was appalled to receive some derogatory remarks on arriving, hirsute, on her naturist holidays, about having gone to ‘the dark side’ simply for not shaving.

Women are often the target of online abuse, as well as everyday abuse of course, but consider the story of a Swedish model, Arvide Bystrom, who has received rape threats for being part of an advertising campaign for Adidas footwear in which her legs are unshaved.



And the comments to the video!!!!! :-O

There’s something definitely genuinely disturbing about the minds who comment in such a manner. Something definitely disturbing that these sort of people exist and might want to ‘date’ your sister, daughter or friend.


Ile du Levant (SL version) closes

We’ve covered SL’s Ice du Levant sim a couple of times, firstly by Trine, and then myself.

And we kick off the weekend with the sad news that the SL sim, based to a high degree of accuracy on the RL version, has closed 😦


Trine waved to me last week at Ile du Levant and I’d teleported over there to meet her, and find out how motherhood was treating her…was she planning a regular return to SL…the usual stuff.

I’d planned to do another write-up on the sim, but that sadly won’t be the case now. So here’s our final photographs from the Ile.