Grausame Tochter (Cruel Daughters)

Grausame Tochter’s ‘Ich liebe meine vagina’ (I love my vagina) video, with English lyric subtitles)


Grausame Tochters, or Cruel Daughters in English, are a German ‘Industrial’ band I was informed about this week. I have to say that the ‘industrial’ music scene isn’t something about which I’m remotely familiar, but I was advised that they could be something I’d find interesting in the context of this blog, and how right that person was!

Not naturist at all, but certainly within the remit of the blog in the sense that they’re normalising nudity to some extent (or titillating a mainly teenage, male audience?). Either way, singer Aranea Peel and bass guitarist Era Kreuz aren’t afraid to perform nude, as the photos show.


We’ve had quite a bit of fun replicating RL in SL with this blog entry. Thanks to Becca and Jax for fulfilling the roles of Era Kreuz and Aranea Peel so enthusiastically.

Industrial techno isn’t quite my chosen genre of music, so I can’t say how good they are within their chosen field, but their video, their message and their image are powerful. If you watch the video at the top of the page, you’ll also see how aspects of SL are very, very familiar within their work. It’s almost as if SL, or another virtual world platform, was used for the video.