Hallowe’en (2)

I’ve already done a post on Howie’s Hallowe’en Party, and more photos may well follow. As I say, this year it began as a costumed, clothing optional party with a Hallowe’en theme.

As we often do posts on real life situations which we reimagine in an SL context, I thought it might be nice to find a few photos of people in Hallowe’en costumes and reimagine Howie’s party brought to life, with all manner of naturists initially turning up in costume.



4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en (2)

    • Thanks for responding. As genuine naturists, I could have guessed you’d both have been enthusiasts of the ‘naturists dress up’ vibe that is prevalent in many clubs around the globe! 🙂

      We ALL love to do a bit of dressing up (or body painting) in the context of naturism!

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  2. Absolutely right. While we both truly enjoy being non sexually clothes free most of the time. A small amount of clothing, body adornments or body painting brings a nice exotic and erotic tone to the parties which is always kept in context but as you say “We All Love It” as an extension of our nude lives.

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