Reach for the smelling salts!

A female nipple is soon to be shown on daytime television in the UK for the first time ever. Reach for the smelling salts!

(note: the video above isn’t the actual advert, which will be aired for the first time on Monday)

11,000 people (99% female, 1% male) died of breast cancer in the UK in 2014.

Anything that might lead to a reduction in this number is to be welcomed, by undertaking regular self-checks (or, come to that, have a partner help you with that check) regardless of what a small yet very vocal band of people might inevitably say about it.

I await its broadcast, or more accurately, the reaction to its broadcast, with interest. We Brits do a very good line in sexualising the body while hypocritically fearing it being seen.

Second Life has always been very good at highlighting breast cancer, and you can visit an awareness centre inworld.  

There’s also events to raise money for Cancer charities, such as ‘Rock Your Rack’, who are currently holding an art auction (ends today, Saturday, October 14th) to raise donations for charity.


If you can spare a few Linden dollars (or real life ones) to support Breast cancer charities and their important research work, particularly in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please try to do so. Self-examination could save your life. Supporting the work undertaken by numerous charities, including one, almost certainly, where you live, is important.


Saudi Arabia lifts its female driving ban

Occasionally, this blog veers away from naturist related content and seems more focused on ‘equality’ or ‘women’s rights’ issues. They aren’t, in the broader sense, unconnected. Naturist rights are in largely the same place as women’s rights. That is to say, on the back burner or ignored in their entirety. So when I get angry about the treatment handed out to the naturist community, I’m identifying with other ‘minority’ groups whose rights are trampled on. That’s why LGBT rights, or women’s rights, sometime take front and centre on the blog.

I’m afraid I sort of missed it at the time (family life and all that), but thanks to reader ‘Faisal’ (not his real or SL name) who has adopted the name in solidarity with his ‘brother’ Faisal BaDughaish, who this week tweeted a photo of himself teaching his wife to drive, just days after King Salman lifted a ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Faisal BaDughaish’s tweet ran as follows….

I don’t speak or read Arabic, but thankfully the BBC reported the story, and Faisal’s tweet reads “I started teaching my wife how to drive in one of the private parking spaces in a safe and legal way, preparing for the law to take effect.”

Immediately, Faisal was taken to task (but, hey, isn’t Twitter a social largely for angry people to express their anger) with comments like “Don’t you feel embarrassed or protective of her when posting her picture?. Shame on you.” (apparently in relation to the fact that Faisal’s wife’s face wasn’t covered).

Well, Mrs. BaDughaish seems entirely happy to be learning to drive and take a step on the road to personal freedom and equality. She also appears to be taking an entirely pragmatic approach to driving by abandoning her niqab to improve her peripheral vision, a thing I’d have said was relatively important when driving.

That led our ‘Faisal’ (who isn’t Saudi Arabian, incidentally, but lives in the Arab world and is a keen reader of the blog) to send me a photo he took of himself and his friend in an SL car showroom, to express support for Mr. BaDughaish and support for the change in Saudi’s laws.

‘There is a lot of misconceptions about the Arab world’, he writes, ‘and some of it justified. I know this isn’t your usual type of postings, but I’ve read some of your blog postings on female rights and I just wanted to say that not everyone in the Arab world thinks the same way on many issues, from driving bans to terrorism. Please, Ella, if you can publish my photo in support of equal rights, please do so’.

Happy to do so, ‘Faisal’

And here are Faisal and friend, buying a new car, for her, in that SL car showroom.


Arvida Bystrom’s Adidas commercial

Naturists often pride themselves on their individuality, and that’s true when you consider how they exist outside a conventional lifestyle. Of course I could now do a piece on ‘conventionality’ being a construct all by itself, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Instead, maybe we could focus on how, despite trumpeting their credentials as individuals, many naturists conform to an entirely different set of conventions, with shaving, for both men and women, being top of the list. These days, the existence of pubic or underarm hair is nothing more than a myth in certain naturist venues, and some voices even go as far as suggesting that a true naturist (whatever the hell that is) couldn’t seriously sport pubic (or underarm) hair.

It’s therefore a source of delight to me when I see photographs of events like a Spencer Tunick shoot or a mass skinny-dip for charity to find that pubic hair isn’t quite as ‘endangered’ as some naturists would have you believe.

So much for being able to think ‘freely’ and ‘individually’ when some vocal, blustering naturists attempt to box other naturists into their own set of preferences. One woman naturist I know generally depilates her pubic area for the summer, and goes ‘natural’ in the winter months, and was appalled to receive some derogatory remarks on arriving, hirsute, on her naturist holidays, about having gone to ‘the dark side’ simply for not shaving.

Women are often the target of online abuse, as well as everyday abuse of course, but consider the story of a Swedish model, Arvide Bystrom, who has received rape threats for being part of an advertising campaign for Adidas footwear in which her legs are unshaved.



And the comments to the video!!!!! :-O

There’s something definitely genuinely disturbing about the minds who comment in such a manner. Something definitely disturbing that these sort of people exist and might want to ‘date’ your sister, daughter or friend.


Ile du Levant (SL version) closes

We’ve covered SL’s Ice du Levant sim a couple of times, firstly by Trine, and then myself.

And we kick off the weekend with the sad news that the SL sim, based to a high degree of accuracy on the RL version, has closed 😦


Trine waved to me last week at Ile du Levant and I’d teleported over there to meet her, and find out how motherhood was treating her…was she planning a regular return to SL…the usual stuff.

I’d planned to do another write-up on the sim, but that sadly won’t be the case now. So here’s our final photographs from the Ile.


The Surma Tribe, Ethiopia

Over the weekend I’ve been reading up on photographer and travel blogger Marisa Papen, who swapped her Belgian home for a new cultural experience with the Surma Tribe in Ethiopia, including living nude amongst them, and also shaving her head in the tradition of the Surmas.

You can see many of her photos of the experience via the link above, or on her own website. I won’t reproduce her photos here, as they’re Marisa’s copyright.


The males of the tribe appear to be routinely naked, while the women are generally seen in a skirt of some description. (All images above from Google Images)

I think it’s an exceptionally interesting read from a cultural perspective and I’d recommend you click the links accordingly.