I recently, for the first time ever during the course of writing this blog, became ‘becalmed’ in what I want to write, and a bit of writers’ block set in. There have been times when I’ve been becalmed by SL itself, but there’s still been something from the real world to write about. This time? Nope. Zilch. Nada.


It was the devil’s own  job to work through it, and if you check out the dates of posts you’ll find I was struggling to produce an article per week in recent weeks. There simply weren’t enough naturist stories, or SL naturist events, to write about, and the only way I found I could produce anything, and even deliver an article per week, was to abandon the whole idea of ‘naturism’ for a while and get out in SL to explore some things that might more accurately be on the periphery of naturism…beauty pageants, cosplay and role-play, go lingerie shopping, and write about these things instead.

It worked.

Granted, I’ve ended up a few hundred Linden dollars poorer while researching ‘sexy’ costumes, lingerie and the like, stuff I’ll never wear again in SL, but it needed something radical to brea the log jam.

Eventually the writers’ block ended…but not before I’d amassed quite a number of articles sometimes only vaguely associated with naturism (our primary function) or ‘the nude in society’ (an important secondary function), both in and out of SL.

So…I’ve decided to publish these in the coming days. Please don’t write to tell me that they don’t ‘fit in’ to our usual brief. They do fit in, but you may need to think a little more obliquely to see exactly how they fit in, although my texts should provide the clues as to what my train of thought was in still having naturism in my mind when writing them.


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