Sia (Furler). I’d never heard of her before today. I checked out some of her videos (see above) and it’s clear I’d never heard of her because her music isn’t really the sort of stuff I’m interested in. It’s not designed for my demographic.

The reason she came across my radar is because she’s apparently gone onto social media to post a naked photo of herself because some website was offering naked photos for money, so she decided to puncture their balloon, and diminish the paparazzi’s value.

That’s fine. That’s laudable.

Less laudable is the number of utterly worthless articles produced off the back of a bit of worthless tat.

Making a stand for women, suggests the Independent. I don’t think so. Little wonder many people hoot with derision at feminists when they come off with this nonsense.

Takes on the paparazzi, says the BBC. That’s a bit more accurate. If she’s punctured some money making scam, more power to the girl. But please, no more articles about ’empowerment’. If the word ever had meaning, it doesn’t now.




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