Happy (6th) birthday to us!

This was how I introduced myself to the blogosphere today, November 10th, six years ago. I think I’m still recognisable.

Nine days later, November 19th, I was -yikes!- topless for the first time on the blog…

…and in December the first ‘full frontal’ appeared on the blog, an Asian avatar called Sue.

We expressed an interest in holding a Mr & Miss SL Naturist in January 2012, something that, almost six years on, is still on the agenda -stay tuned- and the first male nude appeared the same month.

What I find jaw-dropingly crazy is that it’s August, 2012, before I actually turn up ‘full frontal’ in the blog 🙂

I can only presume that it was more a case of writing myself, directing others, building people’s confidence in the blog, and generally trying to build an audience that meant I wasn’t in front of the lens much of the time, and creating a sense of it being a blog for the naturist community in SL rather than the ‘selfies’ (of sorts) or one woman. Quite possibly I couldn’t find anyone online to do a pose to illustrate a scene, and so was forced to pose myself for the camera.

Writers have come and gone, and there have been times when the blog’s survival was in doubt, but here we are, having our sixth birthday bash.

I’m equally astounded by how the avatars have improved in six years. In my first ‘full frontal’ I have to say I seem to be a little ‘pneumatic’ in the boob department, like a breast-job gone wrong 🙂 I’m happy to say that things are more realistic now, and who knows where they’ll be in another six years?

Anyway…we’re having a party, and here’s a small gallery featuring friends old and new.

The editor poses by our cake and makes a small and emotional speech 🙂 

Howie, SL’s ‘publisher’ and original benefactor. Without him, there would never have been an SL Naturist. Thanks for your continuing support, Howie!

Howie and Kandye ham it up for the cameras


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