The High Sierras

Thank goodness for back up files!

This week I got notification of a new update for my Mac, High Sierra. I’ve never had any issues with Apple before, thought nothing of it, clicked ‘OK’ and…

…a few minutes later I was looking at over £1000 worth of scrap electronics!

The update had failed and reduced my computer to…nothing!

Fortunately one of my friends is a computer whizz, and he had it up and running again the following night (yesterday). All of WordPress is online, so nothing lost on the blog ; all the drafts of ‘work in progress’ are there. Most of my stuff was backed up. I back up everything once a month, sometimes more frequently. But I’ve lost some photos taken since October 23rd…about two weeks worth of stuff. Disappointing but not too heart-rending. Of course, I’ve no had to begin ‘rebuilding’ the programs on the computer (easy enough, but time-consuming) as the computer was made to re-work by ‘downgrading’ back to the previous ‘Sierra’ OS.

So that will be occupying me a bit over the weekend. In fact, it’s probably a good thing, ultimately, as nothing ‘crucial’ was lost (a lot of personal photos mostly, but I can back those up from camera HD disks in due course)

So there may not be the usual slew of weekend posts this weekend. Of course I’ve numerous ‘works in progress’, but it’ll be a balancing act between finishing those off and getting my computer back to how I like and know it.

Bear (bare!) with me while I get it up to speed again.


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