Hey Ella! Have you ever….

When SL was younger than it is now, every log in was a challenge in reaching a log out without having been propositioned to bump pixels, asked for RL photos, to voice, or answer questions of a most personal kind.

SL has grown up, and its users with it. I’m sure there’s as much of the above going on as ever, it’s just that those sort of locations (or people) aren’t generally on my radar. So those sort of idiotic avatars and the questions they ask (sure, I’ll spend Linden dollars to upload nude pix of myself and send them to you because, hey, I’m really getting a good deal out of that, aren’t I? And no, no dick pix in return) have generally shrivelled away to nothing.

Sometimes I get asked personal questions in the context of naturism. That’s fine. Sometimes I’ve even made a blog post out of them, i.e. have I ever seen an erection on a naturist beach? No, never.

Other times…no, those questions are of a personal nature and definitely not part of naturist culture, so they’re off the agenda.

For example, I still occasionally get asked about my sex life. That’s not part of my naturism, and the blog’s about naturism, body acceptance and the culture around it. Other than the fact that I’ve taken maternity leave away from the blog during its lifetime, from which you may deduce I do have a sex life, everything else is off limits. I’ve blogged that I’ve got three children…from which you may deduce that unless I’ve had IVF treatment -something I might actually have blogged about- then I’ve had sex at least three times in my life! 🙂

But fellas -it’s always fellas- other than that, forget it. It’s not part of the remit of this blog, and it’s none of your damned business inworld either.


2 thoughts on “Hey Ella! Have you ever….

  1. Amazing how the question of sex seems to always come up. Textiles in our society are conditioned by our entertainment media that when people are nude they are having sex. So when friends and family ask me about that I simply reply, “of course my husband and I have sex, did you think otherwise” ?

    • Yep. All of us who are naturists repeat the same things again and again. ‘It’s this, it’s NOT this’ but the media, mostly, have an agenda to link nudity with sex and reinforce that old lie in the non-naturist public’s mind.

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