So often we read stories featuring adults who say, in relation to nudity -in or out off a naturist context- ‘but my child might see this!’

Let’s be honest : children aren’t traumatised by simple nudity.

They may be taught to be ‘traumatised’ by it, but that’s down to you, the adult failing in your parenting skills.

There is not a shred of evidence that a naturist environment can or will ‘traumatise’ your child. Neither will routine nudity in the home. Their eyes do not need to be shielded from it. They will grow up as balanced individuals fully aware of the human body.

Granted, I accept there are scenarios where nudity and violence can be put together for maximum televisual effect and these may have to be shielded from the eyes of innocents. Ever increasing incidents of ‘pushing the envelope’ take place in television where more extreme aspects of sex are graphically depicted. Think of the hugely popular ‘Game of Thrones’ TV show, which depicts rape and anal sex as the preferred option, along with oral sex. No, your child does not need to see that. A documentary from a naturist resort? They won’t be harmed by it

By contrast, what will traumatise your child, from television in particular, is violence. Routine violence from the news to dramas to cartoons. It normalises violence in police dramas, films, soap operas  and in society at large.



4 thoughts on “Traumatised?

  1. Great article and well illustrated to make the points and is spot on. We had a recent experience where my husband and two friends from our nude resort were working in the backyard totally nude on a deck except for shoes, gloves and eye protection. I too was nude but working in the house when the doorbell rang. I quickly slipped on a shorty robe that I had handy and went to the door. It was a friend with her three young daughters ages 8, 12, & 14. I invited them in and told her that T and and friends were working on the deck, which is clearly visible through the house and oversized patio door and windows as you step in. She exclaimed OHHHHHH at first and said I should go!! I said no, it’s alright, T and the men don’t mind they are simply working naturally. I also reminded her that we had discussed us being nudist in the past. She nodded her head and said OK, I’ve brought your dish back from the BD party last week. Her and the girls stared off and on at the men but soon she and I were conversing and the girls were looking through some fashion magazines. They stayed about 10 mins and were preparing to leave when T came in and was surprised to see the 4 of them and immediately was apologising to her and the girls. However she quickly said no, it’s not a problem you were working and we didn’t mean to interfere. T said well I’m just getting some cold bottled water turned and left as did she and the girls. She called me the next day to say she was sorry for not calling ahead to which I said it was not a problem. She went on to say how natural T and the men seemed working and that she and the girls never felt threatened by their nudity, even when T came into the house and was face to face with them.She related that in the end it felt amazingly normal. S he did say the girls giggled a little bit about going home but have not mentioned it since, so all is well and life goes on. (Ms. K)

    • Thanks for that excellent, illustrative response. Yes, kids are completely unfazed by naturism/nude contexts, but we do them much more long-term damage by exposing them to daily doses of violence.

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  3. Thank you, that was what we were trying to convey. Since it was a totally non sexual event it was also unremarkable to them. Far better for them than media filled violence as you have already stated.

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