Advent begins this week

 Next Sunday, December 3rd, marks the beginning of advent, which in the Christian calendar begins the Christmas countdown, four Sundays before December 25th.

Many of you will be familiar with the advent calendar, in which a day is marked off from 1-25th December and in recent years has been commercialised to include various small ‘gifts’ (perhaps a square of chocolate or mini bottle of perfume : advent calendars reach all depths of purses).

A UK advent calendar from a chocolate (candy) manufacturer will hold a small piece of chocolate behind each ‘window’.


It also spells the beginning of the ‘office Christmas party’ season. I’m not a fan. I work with people, and like the people I work with, but I don’t feel the need to socialise with them. My own actual staff Xmas party was on Friday night and, once again, I didn’t go. Bah humbug? Perhaps. I’m just not a fan of drunken, social gatherings. Particularly those organised at such a late date that they had to be set for November. Or set in plush, exclusive restaurants which offer a plate of turkey for the same price as some employees daily wage! Sheer and utter madness I want to be no part of. Stick the price of a few drinks behind the bar down the road from where we work and…don’t let management come!

Anyway…the advent calendars will now be out around the grid later this week, and there will be a stack of free gifts to collect each day between now and Christmas Day. Keep up to date with our ‘Yule Look Great’ series of posts, which follows the adventures of new avatar ‘Kim’ (an alt I created) in attempting to create a complete look and wardrobe for L$0 in this, definitely the season of giving in SL!

While this series will inevitably include clothes, we’ll also be focusing on gifts that will definitely enhance the SL naturist experience. Some gifts have already been available for a week or more. Brii Underground, for example, has three gifts at its front door, including a wearable Santa hat and two flashing, fluorescent Xmas decorations we’ve already put up at SLN HQ.




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