Not joined SL yet? : Yule look great!

If you’ve not joined SL yet, now is the time!

The grid will be awash with freebies and goodies, advent calendars, boxes under Xmas trees, over the next few weeks, and you can create a fabulous avatar for nothing!

Between now and the new year we’ll be running a series of posts under the title ‘Yule look great! with a brand new, out of the box avatar I’ve created.

Wave hello, ‘Kim’ (no reason for the name, I just plucked it out of the air).

By signing up for SL right now, you’ll have the opportunity to begin the new year with a stunning looking avatar for absolutely nothing. The first thing Kim did was teleport to 7 Deadly Skins, as membership is free, there will be a free gift every day of advent (beginning December 1st), at which point membership goes up to L$1000. So get signed up for 7DS if you aren’t already a member!

I’ve not yet been convinced by mesh skins and bodies, so I utilise what’s called a ‘classic’ avatar. In terms of freebies, these are becoming less numerous as mesh takes over. My main criteria for not making the change (to Ella) is that I can’t tweak the body shape as I’d like. I also feel that there’s a bit of a learning curve getting to grips with the SL controls, and mesh simply adds a further level of learning that doesn’t need to exist. Personally, it’s a case of simplifying the learning process as much as possible. Sure, as ‘newbs’ we all want to look great -and fast- so why not cater for the ‘news’ by making their avatars ‘classic’ as opposed to ‘mesh’ skins?

So…for free, good quality ‘classic’ skins, there’s LAQ.

Kim as she came ‘out of the box’

Kim undressed

Kim with a new LAQ classic skin applied


Kim given some basic ‘reshaping’


We all have our own ideas of what constitutes beauty, so my ideas might not necessarily reflect yours. That’s OK. It’s SL, find your own path! 🙂

I narrowed Kim’s hips, made her taller, and added some ‘gravity’ to her breasts to make her a little (in my eyes) more real.

I’ll be continuing to re-work Kim through advent as freebies appear.

Naturist or not, you will probably want to strip your avatar completely anyway, in order to ‘tweak’ her to the shape you want.

Next, I’ll be sourcing some hair for Kim, preferably ‘Flexi’ hair (it’s hair that moves…once again, I like it more for its realism while rigged or unrigged mesh hair just sits there).


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