Time to grow up?

I find it hard to react with nothing other than hilarity that people are getting off on the idea of naked bodies, their mental capacity often stuck at age 14 regardless of however many years they’ve lived on this earth.

‘Tee hee hee…it’s a willy‘ [insert alternative pet name for penis here] shrieks some girls and grown women.

Or… ‘BOOOOOOOOBIES!!!!!’ roar the adolescent boys still extant in the heads of mature males.

Yes. It’s a penis. Or testicles. Or a vagina (strictly speaking, vulva, but no one uses that word). Or breasts. We’ve all seen them, felt them, tasted them and experienced them interact with other ‘naughty bits’ of the other, or same, gender.

So why does the adolescent, rather silly approach to ‘private parts’ -no longer as private as they might once have been for adolescents, thanks to the internet- still exist?

The world was able to cope with male nipples suddenly become public with the arrival of swimming trunks for men, rather than a one piece full body swimsuit. Why, eighty years later, can’t it cope with the female nipple suddenly becoming a normal part of a municipal swimming pool or beach?



Above is an extensive gallery of multiple, mixed gender naturists over different eras.. No one in any of the photos is ‘a model’, they’re all genuine naturists as far as I can tell. No one is priapic, erect, aroused, moist, turned on, sexually ready. No one is really even looking at each other. No one is pointing and saying ‘a willy!!!!!’ or ‘boobies!!!!!’ Because, in naturism, their genitals have become as invisible, or visible, as anyone’s eyes or ears or lips. They’re as likely to get as lost in the colour of another’s eyes as anything else…same as textiles. Attracted to their deep blue eyes or winning smile. Same as textiles. No one is pointing at another’s belly saying ‘too fat’. No one is pointing at anyone’s breasts saying ‘too small/saggy’. No one is pointing at anyone’s penis saying ‘too small’. They’re naked for comfort and logic. They’re naked for a sense of personal freedom and enjoyment. If they’re doing any judging on others, it’s because the other person is ‘nice’ or ‘an a**hole’. Mostly, they’re all just enjoying the moment of being alive and naked.

Isn’t it time you dropped all of the adolescent nonsense of ‘if I was in a nudist camp I’d walk around erect all day’ nonsense that you -yeah, that’s you in many instances- spout? Isn’t it time you dropped all of the adolescent words like ‘bitch’ or ‘stud’ or ‘slut’ or ‘ ho’ and called these people what they really are? Men and women?

Isn’t it time you grew up?


4 thoughts on “Time to grow up?

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  4. Couldn’t agree more. It is time for naturists to “push the envelope” a bit more. We can’t continue to hide behind walls or run to cover up all the time as if being nude is something shameful

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