Heroes of Naturism : Kate Humble (2nd award) and Natasha Brooks.

Unless you’re inside the UK the name Kate Humble probably won’t mean anything to you.

But she’s one of our (as a nation’s) favourite TV presenters, simply for being ‘just Kate’, a woman who is attractive, but not glammed up for the cameras, just naturally beautiful, and an expert presenter on all things wildlife and countryside.

Did I mention that she’s also a naturist?

She previously was awarded one of our ‘Heroes of Naturism’ awards back in 2014, and is now the only person to be given that ‘accolade’ twice.

Humble, who lives on a farm in Monmouthshire, has previously admitted to being a keen naturist, saying: “Sometimes having clothes on is entirely inappropriate.

“If there’s no-one about and you’re in a beautiful landscape, there’s something lovely about a nudie dance or a skinny dip. But I’m very private and it’s not for show.”

Tomorrow evening, on BBC Wales, she goes ‘wild swimming’, au natural, on the TV programme ‘Off the Beaten Track’, and you can get a sneak preview on Kate’s Twitter account. (scroll down to see a little video of her skinny dip, in freezing November weather) in the company of artist Natasha Brooks, also a wild swimmer/naturist.

There are numerous articles on ‘Wild Swimming’ in our archives.

Artist Natasha Brooks goes wild swimming in winter.

Natasha Brooks

Brooks is also being given one of our Heroes of Naturism awards for her film ‘BlueHue’, a short about nude, wild swimming.


I’ll probably watch this on the BBC’s iplayer facility over the weekend and report back. But for now, these two brave (more in the sense of braving the cold rather than going nude while doing so) ladies are the latest recipients of our Heroes of Naturism award, for bringing the entire concept of wild swimming/skinnydipping to a mid-evening, mainstream BBC audience and hopefully making the entire concept seem like a lot of fun and encouraging others to try it.


edited to add a still from the Twitter video preview…