Naked Golf

A few weeks back I was thinking how we’d never covered the subject of naked golf before. I know there’s some naturist golfing facilities in France, and certainly Cypress Cove in Florida also seems to have its own course. I reasoned that we never covered the topic because there were no naked golfing facilities in Second Life. It’s quite a large undertaking to provide that amount of land, given the cost of land tiers.

Then, lo and behold, I logged in this morning and read in my group notices that there was an opening of Eden Naturopolis’s new Golf and Country Club last night (Saturday).

Golf has never been my game (in fact almost all sports aren’t my games, having forever been put off sport for life while at school) but it’s a hugely popular global game. So I teleported over to the new facility at Eden to check it out…

From what I can see, you can rent clubs and play an actual game of golf. My underwhelming enthusiasm for the sport didn’t extend to its playability, I have to say, but it does look fantastic! Another absolutely stunning creation by Elbag and Brenda at Eden Naturopolis.

You’ll note from the photos that the usual fantastic, tiny details are present and correct in an Elbag/Brenda build. Even as someone disinterested in the sport of golf, there was much for me to explore, including a flock of flamingos (do flamingos come in a flock? or are they another species who have some odd collective name, like a ‘murder of crows’?)

I’m not sure what Brenda and Elbag’s plans are in terms of this concept of ‘Lost City’. The golf course looks like it has been built on the ruins of some ancient Mayan site, so maybe that’s the ‘Lost City’ in its entirety. Or maybe there’s a plan to further develop the whole ‘city’ aspect of it a bit further. I’ve not asked either of them…it’ll be a surprise when it happens, if it happens. That’s part of the charm of Eden Naturopolis. It always maintains a familiar feel, although it slowly develops, moves forward, never stands still.

I managed to speak to a fellow naturist while visiting, and he tells me that the Clubhouse is fast becoming a popular social gathering place for users of Eden. Excellent to hear that and I look forward to returning and chatting with fellow users of the wonderful, wonderful Eden Naturopolis.



4 thoughts on “Naked Golf

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  4. Thanks for your great comments on our new golf course. Just a couple of comments to make…

    The Golf Course is open to anyone, not just Eden members.
    It’s clothes-optional, but obviously we want everyone to play naked.
    “Disinterested” doesn’t mean “uninterested”. It’s a very common mistake to make. Disinterested means “neutral” or “unbiased”,. If you were on trial, you would want the judge to be disinterested but not uninterested.

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