Bare boob Xmas jumpers

I’ve read about these a couple of days ago, and thought they were new. But no! They’ve been ‘all the rage’ since being reported in the UK press a couple of Christmases back.

At this point, I headed off to do more research, checked my browsing history from a couple of days back and note that the BBC reported on them. It looks like they’ve even got their own hashtag, #reindeerboob.

Allure reports on them.

The Sun reports on them.

A couple of points. The ‘bare boob as a reindeer’ jumpers seem like they’re a bit of fun, although probably not best suited for the works Christmas outing. Or maybe they would be. You’ll know your colleagues better than I do! 🙂

But the others…in the wake of revelations of unwanted sexual harassment by major players in Hollywood, is there really a place for jumpers that read ‘Jingle my bells’ or ‘Feel the joy’? I don’t want to sound like a killjoy feminist with a lack of humour, but will drunk, male colleagues really want to ‘feel the joy’? Might they want to scratch Rudolf’s nose?

I’ve had a look at the SL Marketplace and, sadly, I don’t see any #reindeerboob sweaters for sale in SL. Shame. I’d definitely wear one in SL!


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