Lake Nekid ‘meet n greet’ : an apology

I’d moved my avatar to Lake Nekid yesterday afternoon in anticipation of doing a ‘meet n greet’, but then real life intervened.

My children have seen snow before, of course, but not much of it. This most recent fall has probably been the deepest fall they’ve seen, and there was great excitement. So much so that my eldest managed to slip, fall and bang his head.

The safest option was to bundle them all into the car and drive to the local A&E department to get him checked over in case there was a concussion. The drive took over an hour (we live quite rurally where side roads aren’t gritted, so that was a bit of an ‘adventure’ by itself until we reached the main road. Normally I’d think of the hospital being 20 minutes away from our house).

Thankfully, no concussion, and just a sore head and an egg sized bruise this morning (although Jim and I took turns through the night to keep an eye on him…just in case…but he’s slept, has eaten breakfast and with that bounce-back-ability of children, is ready for another snowman building exercise this morning!)

So apologies to Mike and Courtney at Lake Nekid, or anyone else who planned to drop by and say hello. I’ll reschedule this for next weekend, probably Friday night.


5 thoughts on “Lake Nekid ‘meet n greet’ : an apology

  1. Glad all is well with with the family. Boys will be boys. We always kept our yellow A&E cards handy for ours. We went to Lake Nekid after your 1st report and had a wonderful welcome. It is good to see such a well constructed site emerge for us naturists. We await your meet and greet with interest Have a good Christmas

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