Trimming the tree

I was writing this with an intention to post prior to hopping over to Lake Nekid last night, but then real life intervened.

It’s perishingly cold here in real life. Well, perishingly cold for us. I suspect readers in parts of North America, Scandinavia or Russia might well laugh at my definition of ‘cold’.

But it’s a bitterly cold afternoon and we’ve had to abandon hanging our outdoor Christmas lights due to ‘the tangle’ in them and the circulation leaving our hands. We’ll try again tomorrow!

So, just like the people in the following gallery, we’ve headed inside to put up our tree.

‘How come I always get to go up the ladder????’

I had hoped to add a speech bubble to the photo above, but believe it or not, the programme I planned on using, Phraseit , which I’ve used before, wouldn’t let me upload because its ‘algorithm had detected nudity’ 🙂 Well, yes, there is, but ultimately it’s cartoon nudity and I’d no plans to upload the finished photo to the phraseit site, but download a copy for use here. It annoyed me, perhaps more than it should, because it demonstrates a growing conservative mindset at large, and it’s a machine making our decisions for us. Both things irritate the life out of me.



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