All shapes and sizes.

Right about now I could name the person who sent me an email expressing disquiet about larger sized, or more mature, naturists featured on these pages. Or even men. Or women with pubic hair.

The inference being that I should only post photos of your women who conform with the author’s vision of what is ‘attractive’, and managed to body shame the majority of the human race in just a few lines.

Here’s some news just in, friend. People put on weight, particularly in middle age. People get old, particularly after they’ve been young. People choose to be hairy, smooth, pierced, piercing free, tattooed, non-tattooed. And it would benefit you to hope that you, too (I assume you’re a young male) grow old and develop a middle-aged paunch. And live long enough to maybe change your mind over those body adornments two or three times. Because not everyone is lucky enough to grow old, or gain weight as their metabolism slows. It’s all part of life, and all acceptable in naturism. Accept the beauty in older naked people, or bigger boned people, too. Everybody is beautiful. Every body is beautiful.



4 thoughts on “All shapes and sizes.

  1. Amen, very wise words. The first time we went to a nude resort I was really scared and very self conscious . After only a few minutes I realized my concerns were ill founded. The acceptance and lack of judgment by all was one of the most freeing experiences ever. We are nude separately and together as much as possible and loving every minute of it. (Ms. K )

    • I think we’re all terrified first time at a naturist location. I know I was! But you’re right. It only takes a few minutes to feel comfortable with the feeling of air on the skin, of swimming without a costume, to realise everyone else is so wrapped up in their own experience of the moment that people aren’t looking and don’t care -in a judgemental sense- about you. What they do care is that you’ve got a warm, friendly, big, open-hearted personality. And within minutes any body-issues you have about yourself have gone.

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