Yule look great


Makeover time. Kim getting make up and her hair done.

So how’s ‘Kim’ coming along? That alt-avi I see up a couple of weeks back. Great, thanks!

SL time is limited as we’re into a very busy period of RL. Nativity plays, dinners and so on. Even numerous blog postings to research and write up!  But in between times ‘Kim’ has developed.

Everything you see on Kim is free.

Skin is from LAQ (free group join, free group gift skin at the back of their store…and permanently free, not just for the Xmas period)

Hair is from Diva (free)

These are the two ‘essentials’ I’d think were necessary on a great looking avatar. Everything else is dressing up…and as naturists, well, non-essential 😉

But the dress in the top photo is from Jumo, as part of their advent calendar, so that is something you may wish to chase down quickly if you want to grab it before it disappears on the 26th!

You’ll find a link to many of the Advent calendars at this link (via Fab Free) and you could almost certainly spend several hours a day inworld and grabbing a huge wardrobe right now.



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