A naked restaurant in Paris.

This isn’t entirely ‘new’ news, as it was widely reported at the beginning of November, but Paris is to get a naked restaurant.

If you’re a French reader, si vous etes un lecteur français, you can read the original report from Le Parisien newspaper.

Called, appropriately enough O’Naturel, it’s situated on the Rue de Gravelle in the 12th arrondissement, just west of the Bois de Vincennes. That park was itself in the naturist news earlier this year when it launched its own naturist area within the park.

It rather looks as if a parallel-to-textiles-naturist-culture is emerging in the French capital! 🙂

Which is ideally how naturism should be. Within the rest of society, to an extent, not hidden away in its own peculiar areas.

Looks super, doesn’t it? So why don’t we try that in SL?

Not a naturist restaurant on a naturist sim, but the decor certainly lends itself to it being a naturist restaurant.
The clientele are certainly dressed for the part. Let’s join them.

The waitress checks our reservation (above and below) More naturist styled decor as we select our table.

She’s certainly attentive while we place our order!

So Jim and I had a lovely naturist meal with a French theme. Bœuf bourguignon*, Coq au vin*, Escargots de Bourgogne*, Black Périgord Truffle, cèpes and seasonal vegetables. Thanks to my SL friend Cherie (actually French herself and a RL/SL naturist) for playing the part of the waitress -and ‘the clientele’- in the above photos.



*no vegetarian diet was broken during the imagining of this menu! 😉 

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