Hogmanay with Purplemoon


A Scottish celebration almost held in higher regard than Christmas. Hi, it’s New Year’s Eve and Jim and I will be out that night while Granny looks after the children. I’m posting this a full week early, though, as the dresses I’m wearing are part of an advent calendar, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out if the calendars disappear before New Year!

We’ll be celebrating Hogmanay, that uniquely Scottish celebration, on 31st December. Traditionally, the remainder of the UK got one day, tomorrow, January 1st, as a holiday, but such is the Scots’ capacity for celebration (and subsequent recovery) that two days off are required!

I covered Hogmanay before, last year. I’m delighted to see that there have been a couple of suitable outfits set out for free this year that certainly work with a Scottish theme.


They’re both available as gifts at Purple Moon (join fee L$50) and the top one is probably the sort of thing I will wear tonight, although I prefer the bottom one, Advent calendar gift for December 21st, a nice tartan/plaid, although not very suitable for the sort of evening we’ll be attending which is much more formal. If you’re Scottish, or descended from Scots, or merely, like me, a Sassenach (A Scots-Gallic word meaning someone from England) living in Scotland, then you’ll certainly want to grab these items to look the part for the celebrations. I will be reporting back, this time next week, on our SL Hogmanay. In the meantime, look the part with these delightful dresses.



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