Lovin’ my new mesh bod!

The grid’s very quiet. Of course it is, it’s Christmas Day and people have things to do, myself included. But I still found time to hop onto SL on occasions today, specifically Lupes, for a couple of these photos, to test run a couple of presents. One is a new laptop, and I’ve already downloaded an SL viewer for it! Not much else on there yet, but an SL viewer will keep me occupied today 🙂

The second present, to myself, I suppose, and not planned at the beginning of Christmas Day, is a new mesh body, so the few moments I have had to hop inworld have been to test-run it this afternoon. 🙂

I love it already! I think I need to tweak my dimensions a little yet, and I appear to have gone up two dress sizes since this morning, lol, while I get a handle on the finer details of it, but it looks fantastic. Of course, I don’t imagine at the end of a day of eating I’ll be the only person in the world feeling I’ve slipped up a dress size. Fortunately for me, the ‘growth’ is merely virtual and will be remedied in due course.

Since adopting the mesh body, being enamoured with the realism of the genital area, and due to a RL mishap with a new electric razor, 😉 I’ve gone ‘bare down there’. At this time of year I’d generally have ‘winter plumage’ 🙂 and don’t bother much with shaving armpits or trimming around my genital area. No one’s seeing under my arms, and even though I liked to keep pubic hair ‘natural’, I would have kept it panty line trimmed for the weekly swim. Natural, yes, but I didn’t often rock a 70s vibe in that respect.

I did buy mesh armpit hair from the Marketplace today, which you can see in the third photograph, but that and my pubic hair has now gone in SL (and RL!) for now.

One of the immediately noticeable things about the mesh body (as Brenda pointed out to me) is that it doesn’t ‘fold’ when sitting or posing and therefore looks more realistic in photos. I have to say that, eight hours after purchasing it, I can’t imagine my SL without it now!





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