What a Tonic after a complete Mesh!

I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Brenda Hoisin, co-owner of the Eden Naturopolis Estate.

Brenda and I have been SL friends for a loooooong time, and I’ve always received excellent advice from her, as well as practical  inworld assistance.

For example, see the photo below, Brenda gave us office space at Eden Naturopolis, for which I’m extremely grateful. I’ve got plans for it in the New Year, incidentally, so stay tuned! 😉

Anyway, a few days ago I was railing against the limitations of mesh bodies. Brenda, commenting in the article, disagreed. I’m a lot of things, but I’m always willing to take a valued friend’s advice. I tried another demo mesh body. Nope. It wasn’t working for me. But again Brenda came back with her suggestion.


A little known mesh body creator in comparison to others. So I tried again. Last time. I promised myself. SL time is limited and I simply don’t have enough of it, between writing the blog, to just keep running around trying on demos.

And…..bingo!!!!!!! Devastatingly easy to put on, adjust and so on. I had a fully functioning mesh body, with a shape I was happy with, within minutes.

And all for a mere L$2000! Including the hands and feet, with the existing head still usable. A choice of nipple styles (I’ve gone for ‘perky’, a match for real life!). Nails in a variety of colours!

While I’m still going to be wearing pubic hair in SL, I detached that briefly to show a more detailed ‘vaj’ 🙂 That was always something I acknowledged as superior in mesh, even when I felt mesh had disadvantages.

Absolutely superb!

I’m thrilled!

So pleased, in fact, I went back to grab the L$250 sheer top you can see above, something that would definitely be part of our ‘naturist wardrobe’ and can be seen in naturist resorts around the globe.

Thanks, Brenda! You’re an absolute star! 🙂


8 thoughts on “What a Tonic after a complete Mesh!

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  2. Your more than welcome, “Perky”. 😜 Nice to have you in the club!

    If you search the Second Life Marketplace for “curved beauty” you will find hundreds of low-priced clothes and items you can use with your newly-acquired Tonic body.

    And your Mesh body is compatible with any item you see that has an “omega applier”, and there are thousands of those. Search for “omega applier” on the SLM and see for yourself. The oil sheen you see on me in the photo I sent you was incorporated on my mesh body using an omega applier. If you need some advice on this, please let me know. It’s not too obvious until you’re shown.

    And finally, if you have any animations or poses that claim they use Bento, SLs new skeletal joint animation system, then your Tonic mesh body works fine with them and your fingers and toes will move independently, just like real ones. Get ready to snap your fingers with delight!

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