Naked Archery

Naked Archery. I’ve tried this, in France, many years ago. Tyres (tires) bursting in all directions, people being carted off to hospital with puncture wounds… 🙂

I exaggerate! But hitting the target from about 10 feet away would have been a wonder! Actually, I did get one onto the straw backdrop, similar to that you see above, but didn’t get anywhere near the coloured target rings. I was actually thrilled! 🙂

I wasn’t very good!

Archery has long been popular in naturism. It’s easy to see why. It’s an outdoor sport, something most people won’t have done before and rather fancy giving it a go, and there’s usually someone on site to offer free, or very cheap, archery lessons.

Lots of French sites offer it, and one of the photos above is from the Vritomartis naturist resort in Greece, taken recently, which proves it remains popular.

It’s something you can try in SL as well. The sims that offer it are a bit 2007 SL vintage, that is, they’re basic. But if it’s archery you come for, and the chance to do it and compete against others on a leaderboard, the scenery won’t be your top priority.



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