An evening dress as ‘naturist accessory’

With a bit of my inventory/wardrobe now being redundant in the shift to a mesh body, I’ve been adding bits to ‘fill the gaps’ left by that changeover.

I saw this Christmas gift at the Maitreya store. 

It’s offered as ‘an evening dress’ but, to me, has elements of a ‘tied at the bosom’ sarong about it too, so I’ve simply renamed it in my inventory and will wear it as such.

I’m also in the process of rejigging the couple of alts I have, one being re-cast as a ‘petite’ avatar, who will fulfil the role of my children in some 2018 posts. Why? Naturism is family orientated and we seem to have got into a position where we naturists have altered our mindset to fit in with the sick, depraved minds who gets thrills from photos of children. That’s more than OK where it’s real life photos of children. Do nothing to feed the perverted minds of paedophiles. Challenge them and report them at every turn.

But in Second Life and its essentially ‘cartoon’ figures, I see nothing wrong with the inclusion of petite avatars in a naturist setting in order to reinforce the idea that naturism is for families, and that children should be taught to grow up without shame regarding their, and others, bodies. It’s all completely natural and healthy and I believe I can include them in the occasional post to make people aware it’s a family orientated lifestyle without ever focusing on the children. Their avatar form is merely there to add some context, hence me cajoling a reluctant child from the sea (above).

Of course, I won’t be dwelling on petite nudity in an explicit way -see the photo above- rather implying it. And it will be a rare post that includes it. But it’s important that we reinforce the ‘family’ element of naturism to an audience, such as there may be on this blog, who aren’t entirely familiar with naturist culture and who may be here solely for the real life photos of adult women.

Which is why I’ve previously included many real life photos of elderly naturists, much to the chagrin of some readers who imagine that naturism should be the sole preserve of the lithe and lissome female.



6 thoughts on “An evening dress as ‘naturist accessory’

  1. Children are the most natural nudist of all and they love it. It’s adults who poison their minds about clothing. We love seeing families at our resort, they have so much fun.
    As far as clothing for nudist a woman always needs a few little somethings that offer slight to moderate coverage including sheer materials for those moments when it’s expected. A little tease is always fun. K

      • We have actually seen children crying because they had to leave the resort and get dressed to make the trip back home. Left alone without the adult poisoning these children would grow up to be nude adults wanting a nude world/society.

      • Yes…that sounds like my lot! (the older two, anyway). ‘Do we HAVE to put clothes on for the trip back to their airport? Do we have to wear clothes on the plane?’

      • The reality is it’s really senseless for children to have wear clothing in the car or even for commercial travel. Totally eliminates all security concerns too.

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