How to become a naturist.

Remove swimwear

Carry swimwear until it can be discarded in a suitable recycling spot.

Face the sea in your birthday suit 

Wade right in, to the sea and naturism. No one is looking. No one cares.

Take to the water with a friend or loved one.

Thrill to the feeling of swimming without a costume.

Wish you’d done this years ago and vow never to go clothed on a beach ever again!

Yep! Welcome to the wonderful world of naturism!


18 thoughts on “How to become a naturist.

  1. The first time for me was in 2005 when I went my husband to the nude resort that we are now members of. Yes I was very scared, we got the clothed tour and then were invited to stay and get nude which we did. We walked a round some, swam a little and then decided to have our lunch we had brought. By then I was totally hooked !! Most memorable moment was while eating lunch. An older couple came up and introduced themselves, turns out they didn’t live far from us. We were sitting at a picnic table. The memorable part was the gentleman propped his foot up on the bench opposite of us right across from me. As he talked and gestured his 6″ flacid penis swayed back and forth in front of my face while I was trying to eat !! lol…….it’s a vision I can never forget. (Ms. K)

    • My own first time is documented on this blog, Ms.K, and no less scary than your own experience.

      Indeed, we’ve made a thing of ‘my first time’ on the blog, as there’s a recurring theme…it’s scary for the first couple of minutes, and normal and unremarkable after that! It’s a conclusion that debutants, myself and yourself included, reach again and again and again. 🙂

      • Yes, after about 15 minutes I realized, no one was staring at me or judging me. Young and old alike welcomed us. It was quite refreshing and not what I expected. I realized quickly, the only thing one needed to wear, was a smile. K

      • Excellent comment. Yes, a smile and a warm personality will be what you’re judged on in naturism. Not by what judge’s robes you wear, business suits you own, trash collector’s overalls you wear to earn a living. We’ll judge you on who you are, not on what your clothes try to say about you.

        I’ve been in conversation with naked doctors at a naturist resort (husband and wife) who waxed lyrical about the health benefits of the lifestyle. Also in our company was a council (municipal department) road sweeper talking about work in the fresh air, and a teacher, bemoaning working life indoors. A cross section of society mixing easily in naturism. Clothe them, and there would immediately have been a shift in people’s perception of them…one group of people identifying with the doctors, another with the road sweepers. Stripped of our clothes, we create a more equitable society.

      • Yes, we have professionals as well and the common man and woman too. Unclothed there is little difference and the interactions are quite social !

      • Write it up here…not so many people read the comments unless contributing! I’ll copy and paste to the main board and add a few ‘set up’ SL photos to illustrate 🙂

        (Incidentally, down in the comments is where I flag up RL photos of me on the boards…they’re scattered about here and there and almost no one has commented) 😉

        That..or send me the text to my email. If it’s not showing on the board I’ll post it here for you to send the text there.

      • I should add something more regarding RL photos. I’ll sometimes do a blog post, then go back a week or more later and update it with a RL photo. It’s interesting to think of yourself on the internet but very few people will have picked up on the fact!

        I can’t even remember which posts I’ve done this on. Yes, I’ve made it clear on some that it’s me, but they’re generally kind of obscure, side on photos where I’m not readily identifiable as me.

        Others never say it’s me. The most recent one was the Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day post. The two rear views at the oven are me. Not that I said so in the post 😉 And realistically, few will read this comment to discover it’s me!

        Over the course of the blog there’s a couple of face-on, readily identifiable photos of me (not that I name myself as such).

        It’s much less to do with there being any thrill about it, or feeling exhibitionistic, but more that as I ‘talk the talk’ about naturists being out of the closet on the blog I feel I have to back that up by ‘walking the walk’ too. I’m not actively promoting it, but yes, I kind of feel I need to be ‘valid’ as an ‘out there’ naturist. But I do it in a roundabout manner 😉

      • Oh we too think pics tend to validate one’s life as a nudist. Our gravatar has pics of us and we have some on twitter as well. For us it’s a matter of being truthful about who and what we are, it’s honesty. We went back and looked at those two pics, I think T started to comment on them at the time but said there is already too much made about female nudity these days so he remained silent, but he did like them……..hehehe….. 😉 (Ms K )

  2. My First Time Becoming a Social Nudist

    In 2003 I divorced my first husband, a man who was both insecure and jealous of the way I looked and dressed for work and socially. A year later I had met Mr. T and had moved 900 miles south to a much warmer climate. We have been together ever since and it has opened many new doors for me, none more significant than eventually becoming a social nudist. It didn’t happen at first but gradually. Mr. T was always nude at home and anytime he could outdoors. I had never experienced someone so comfortable with their body before to be just so freely naked most of the time.
    He began encouraging me to be naked more around the home which seemed strange at first but I quickly learned to appreciate the comfort and freedom of it. He also encouraged me to dress sexy and edgy for both work and socially, something I always wanted but my ex would never allow.
    We started going to area lakes and when no one was around we would skinny dip, it was a glorious experience. Something he had been doing for years. Then he got me to join him on nude hikes on hiking trails. We would go mid week when fewer people would be about. The feeling and the pleasure of walking fully nude through nature was beyond words. Something we both still enjoy. We added taking nude photos to our pleasure as well.
    Then in 2005 he suggested we go to a nearby nude resort. The nudity shared between the two of us was quite fun and pleasurable, however the thought of being nude in front of a group of people was beyond my comprehension. His enthusiasm empowered me to give it a try although I was quite apprehensive.
    That June day arrived and I was quite nervous. We dressed lightly, packed a lunch, towels, sunscreen and headed out making the drive in about 50 minutes. We called in at the security gate and were directed to check – in at the office. The security was quite impressive as they required I.D. info and did background checks. No sexual perverts allowed here, I was impressed. It was still an eye opening experience though. As soon as we had passed through the gate there were nude people about. The office staff were nude too. We paid the day fee at which time our nude (lady) tour guide took us around the grounds on a golf cart showing us the highlights of the grounds and introducing us to members of the resort all of which were also nude.
    My eyes and mind were struggling to digest and absorb all the boobs, butts, vaginas and penises of all shapes and sizes openly displayed without a care in the world. I was nervous, no actually I was really scared, could I actually be that naked in front of all those people ?? The tour lady dropped us off at our vehicle and said “the choice is yours, we are clothing optional except in the pool and hot tub”. “Undress according to your comfort.” T said well I’m getting nude which he did while grabbing his towel and sunscreen. I was shaking as I pulled my clothing off and joined him. We walked towards the pool area where we were met by a group of members who openly welcomed us. We started talking with them. After 15-20 mins of conversation and laughter I suddenly realized I was no longer nervous or shaking. I was actually starting to feel quite comfortable and as I looked around, no one was staring at me or looking to judge if I was a little too heavy or my breast sagged a bit. They were accepting me for who and what I is was and who I am.
    When that moment finally hit me I was like WOW !! I had actually found what I had been wanting all my life and didn’t even realize it. We have been members there now for many years, own a lot there and plan on building a home/cabin there eventually. It’s the place I’m most comfortable at all times.
    That’s how I became nudist and so happy that I did.
    (Ms. K )

    • Thanks so much for this! I need to set up some ‘SL replicates RL’ photo sessions to illustrate it, but I’ll post this as a featured blog entry when I have those done (24-48 hours). Hopefully the photos will do some sort of justice to your first experience! 🙂

      • Thank you ! So happy you approve, I tried not to make it so long but my wish is any others reading my words will be encouraged to try nudity in what form they are comfortable with.

      • I think each time any of us post about our ‘debut’ there’s a kind of recurring theme…it feels great, and no one’s that bothered looking. Sure, we feel like the ground should swallow us up, such is our embarrassment at the time, but everyone else is lost in their own moment they barely register us!

      • It’s true, when nubies come into the resort, yes you check them out briefly but then go on about your business which in our case is we are usually playing volleyball. When I’m not preoccupied I make it a point to go fully nude and welcome new guests, clothed or not. Especially when it’s a couple or a family as it sends a positive signal to those women, “hey it’s OK, your OK”. I like to put them at ease, as I still vividly remember that first time.

      • Yes, as women remain slightly more reticent about going naked than men -at least until they become familiar with their surroundings and realise there’s nothing to be hung up about- a friendly smile, greeting and a bit of a chat (often about ‘first time fears’) does put people at ease. It’s also important to lead by example, and show that there’s nothing to worry about.

        I’ve taken newbies on holiday with me, committed non-naturists at the start of a week, enthusiasts by the end of it.

        In fact, I’ll be meeting up with one of those ladies tonight at a (textile) NYE party. She’s not been back to a naturist resort since making her debut a couple of summers back, but is a regular at a naturist swim night here.

      • Our resort is having a NYE party but we haven’t decided if going or not. The weather is extremely cold. We typically drink, dance and frolic in the hot tub with glasses filled with bubbly. May be too cold for that. Seeing the new year in with family is also fun as well. We’ll see. K

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