Names on arms.

I’m pretty sure the tax people didn’t know her as ‘Betty Sycamore’! 🙂

And ‘Katarina’ was too long to write on in body paint, so ‘Kat’ it is.

Pookes covered similar ground to this in a blog post in February 2015.

She also likened, very accurately, to the way Second Life works with name tags generally covering over avatars’ heads.

Back in the 60s, naturist clubs, specifically US ones, had a tradition of writing people’s names on their arms on entry to the club. It kind of served two purposes.

One, you could approach a stranger and call them by name, making for a friendly atmosphere. The sort of friendly atmosphere for which naturism is famed. Having your name on your arm merely short-circuited the introductions to a degree. Ditto Second Life. Hovering name tags mean you can say ‘hello John’ or ‘hi Janet’ immediately without the need for long-winded introductions.

Two, although less common by the 60s, was that some people liked anonymity in their club and not necessarily known by their real name because of attitudes that prevailed in the workplace beyond the naturist club.

In 1920s Britain, the desire for anonymity and secrecy was such that people in clubs would be assigned a name on joining, usually something Greco-Roman, so you could have a naturist club career as ‘Ajax’ or ‘Achilles’ or ‘Euripides’.

Incidentally, ‘Betty Sycamore’ sounds like a name made for Second Life!

French avatar Noreena adopts a 1960s US style of identification



No sooner had I posted this than a photo I’d never seen before appeared online…so here’s Roberta and Wilhelmina…

8 thoughts on “Names on arms.

  1. Our resort does not give out last names and everyone pretty much goes only by their first names. Some of us are open to sharing full names but not all because of job concerns.

    • We’re not members of a club, but of those friends who are members of clubs, I know that first names and surnames are pretty much known to all. Many UK clubs have a Facebook presence, and most club members I know will join their club page (although it’s usually a ‘closed’ group page), so doesn’t show to all and sundry on FB. But within that, you’d know people’s full name.

      • Yes, you are correct. There is a secret FB page where most that are members of the group are known by their full names and it’s not a problem.

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