Second Life Naturist : The Movie

Naturist films have a long history.

There were early 60s ‘nudesploitation’ movies such as those above.

All the way through to Educating Julie…

..and right up to the most recent exploration of the lifestyle, Act Naturally…

They’re of varying quality, but they’re always an interesting watch. (Blaze Starr is an excerpt, Act Naturally a trailer, and Educating Julie a full movie)


So let’s expand that small, varied and interesting canon of naturist movies by adding one more…The SL Naturist movie, and naturism within Second Life! 🙂

Yes…amongst our plans for 2018 is our very own naturist movie, shot in Second Life and including several avatars. I have no idea how long production of this will take or how complicated it may be, but we’re going to do both that and also do some short ‘travelogues’ from within SL naturist sims, all free to view from the SLN youtube channel we’re also setting up.

Don’t hold your breath just yet! It’s a whole new learning curve and there will be an entire raft of mistakes to make while learning. BUT we should be able, at the very least, to do little ‘live action’ videos from some of your favourite SL naturism sims as 2018 progresses. I’ve already ‘completed’ one very short video of me demonstrating a free Bento dance that’s currently available.

As I’ve done a couple of screen grabs from the video itself definition isn’t as good as it would be in a usual SL photograph, but hopefully the images above will demonstrate where we’re coming from, and going to!

By complete, I mean I’ve danced…it’s now necessary to add some music to it and add some titles (such as the location to get it!) but believe me when I say it’s a whole new way of looking at SL naturism and adds a whole new dimension to what we’ll (eventually) be reporting.

Stay tuned!

Real life is busy this weekend, it being New Year’s Eve, but I’ll see if I can grab some time -no promises, this may well roll into next week- to complete the dance demonstration and then publicise our own youtube channel in due course.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Naturist : The Movie

  1. It’s sad that for the most part the nudist movies are very lame but there are some laughable moments that help keep them entertaining.

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