A slightly bizarre nude protest

Liana Klevtsova, a student from the Russian city of Irkutsk, has recently made a protest against cutting down trees for Christmas, saying that we should utilise fake trees instead. To highlight this, she stripped off and posed in a Siberian winter, fully nude.

The story is covered in many news outlets, including Russia Today.

Liana also has a youtube video…

and on her Vkontakte (it’s a Russian social media service, much like Facebook) page, some uncensored photos of her protest turn up.

Certainly, there’s no need to cut down young trees, something she rightly says are ‘the lungs of the earth’, but I was under the impression that of all the earth’s resources that we use, trees are the one thing we’re freely replenishing year on year. Use coal or oil once, and it’s gone from the planet. But we can and are replanting trees at a reasonably impressive rate, and it’s estimated there’s more trees on earth now than there were 100 years ago.

Nevertheless, it was something that persuaded model Amaris (of whom more anon) to get out in SL to express some solidarity with Liana.


One thought on “A slightly bizarre nude protest

  1. Well I guess we can say kudos to her, not sure she really accomplished anything for the environment but she certainly got some nice staged exposure for her beautifully smooth body. Looks like she had fun and Mr T and I certainly had fun watching her too. 😉 K

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