Around the world in 80 nudes : Part 2, Ireland

Word reaches me that in January Ireland will have its first official naturist bathing/sunbathing place, Hawk Cliff outside Dublin.

I don’t have a lot of detail yet, but what I can say is that until now Ireland was the only country in Western Europe that didn’t have an officially recognised naturist beach, so congratulations to them for making all of Europe now an official naturist zone. Anyone touring Europe can, if they so wish, enjoy naturism in every country in Europe! 🙂

I’ll add more detail about Ireland’s first official beach (there have been several unofficial beaches for years, apparently) as it comes in from my various naturist news aggregator links.

(Note : I don’t plan to do every country in Europe, or elsewhere in the world, as part of this ‘Round the World’ series, rather highlight naturist events such as that just described, or provide a snapshot of naturism in a country or region).


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