Happy Hogmanay!

I’ve prepared this post in advance. By the time I post it I’ll be in a castle away from home, publishing this ‘remotely’ via my phone, and Gran will be looking after the children. Jim and I are here for a Hogmanay Charity dinner. Photos will be taken and some may even reach the local newspaper (not our local newspaper, incidentally! Thankfully we live beyond this local paper’s catchment area!)

I have to say that, just like SL (above) we kind of scrub up OK in real life too.

Thank goodness photos like those above won’t reach our local paper though, lol.

Last week I gave you a heads up on some tartan flavoured dresses suitable for Hogmanay, but during the week I was able to get a simpler, non-tartan evening gown, and of course went shopping in SL for something similar. The real life and Second Life aren’t remotely similar, but I’ve stuck up a post to show me making a little non-tartan stand this evening 😉

I’m also meeting up with BB tonight (whom I cast as ‘Bebe’ for the duration of that holiday). Some of you may remember she was one of the non-naturists who went on holiday with me in June 2014. Over three years ago already? Wow! BB had embraced naturism by week’s end and, although she hasn’t been on a naturist holiday since (as far as I know) she joined a naturist swim on her return and attends it regularly every month. I’ve been to a couple of the swims with her. So I’m looking forward to a good chin wag and catch up later on.

‘Is anything worn under the kilt?’, Scotsmen are often asked.

‘No’, is the joke reply, ‘it’s all in full working order’ 🙂

When the highland dancing begins later, or when sitting chatting between dances, I fully expect that I shall see more than expected from some of the men, as nothing will almost certainly be worn under their kilts! It’s a topic I covered last year.

This time last year I’d also had a bit of a fall on the ice, so wasn’t dancing. I wasn’t worried, I don’t like dancing. This year I’ve no excuses so I also expect to be dragged onto the floor for some ‘reel’ or ‘set dance’ that will almost inevitably involve a bit of dancing over and around swords.

Happy Hogmanay!




One thought on “Happy Hogmanay!

  1. Even though we truly enjoy dancing nude at our resort it is fun to dress up from time to time and strut our stuff in a different way…….lol. As far as the kilts go, who doesn’t enjoy stealing a peek at what’s under there once in a while……..hehehe.. 😉 Ms K

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