My First Time : Ms.K

My First Time Becoming a Social Nudist
In 2003 I divorced my first husband, a man who was both insecure and jealous of the way I looked and dressed for work and socially. A year later I had met Mr. T and had moved 900 miles south to a much warmer climate. We have been together ever since and it has opened many new doors for me, none more significant than eventually becoming a social nudist. It didn’t happen at first but gradually.
Mr. T was always nude at home and anytime he could outdoors. I had never experienced someone so comfortable with their body before to be just so freely naked most of the time.
He began encouraging me to be naked more around the home which seemed strange at first but I quickly learned to appreciate the comfort and freedom of it. He also encouraged me to dress sexy and edgy for both work and socially, something I always wanted but my ex would never allow.
We started going to area lakes and when no one was around we would skinny dip, it was a glorious experience. Something he had been doing for years. Then he got me to join him on nude hikes on hiking trails. We would go mid week when fewer people would be about. The feeling and the pleasure of walking fully nude through nature was beyond words. Something we both still enjoy. We added taking nude photos to our pleasure as well.
Then in 2005 he suggested we go to a nearby nude resort. The nudity shared between the two of us was quite fun and pleasurable, however the thought of being nude in front of a group of people was beyond my comprehension. His enthusiasm empowered me to give it a try although I was quite apprehensive.
That June day arrived and I was quite nervous. We dressed lightly, packed a lunch, towels, sunscreen and headed out making the drive in about 50 minutes. We called in at the security gate and were directed to check – in at the office. The security was quite impressive as they required I.D. info and did background checks. No sexual perverts allowed here, I was impressed. It was still an eye opening experience though. As soon as we had passed through the gate there were nude people about. The office staff were nude too. We paid the day fee at which time our nude (lady) tour guide took us around the grounds on a golf cart showing us the highlights of the grounds and introducing us to members of the resort all of which were also nude.
My eyes and mind were struggling to digest and absorb all the boobs, butts, vaginas and penises of all shapes and sizes openly displayed without a care in the world. I was nervous, no actually I was really scared, could I actually be that naked in front of all those people ?? The tour lady dropped us off at our vehicle and said “the choice is yours, we are clothing optional except in the pool and hot tub”. “Undress according to your comfort.” T said well I’m getting nude which he did while grabbing his towel and sunscreen. I was shaking as I pulled my clothing off and joined him. We walked towards the pool area where we were met by a group of members who openly welcomed us.
We started talking with them. After 15-20 mins of conversation and laughter I suddenly realized I was no longer nervous or shaking. I was actually starting to feel quite comfortable and as I looked around, no one was staring at me or looking to judge if I was a little too heavy or my breast sagged a bit. They were accepting me for who and what I is was and who I am.
When that moment finally hit me I was like WOW !! I had actually found what I had been wanting all my life and didn’t even realize it.
We have been members there now for many years, own a lot there and plan on building a home/cabin there eventually. It’s the place I’m most comfortable at all times.
That’s how I became nudist and so happy that I did.


Modelled by Malgozata (debutant Ms,K) and Howie (representing experienced naturists).

2 thoughts on “My First Time : Ms.K

  1. Oh my goodness, love the pics/graphics, so fitting and realistic to the actual situation. THX for posting my thoughts and memories. Ms K

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