Recipe corner

I’m a member of ‘Commune Utopia’, a sim and group in SL, and I was tickled to log in today and see this as a group notice!

I’ve not been there in a while (I’ll change that in the New Year) so I’ve not seen the recipe book Sparkle Lytton mentions in her group notice. I’ll change that too in the New Year.

What a fantastic use of SL resources! I just love the imaginative creativity many avatars apply to further enhance their SL experience.

Click on the notecard and…

Voila! The recipe! It looks delicious, and as is said, a lovely light recipe following Christmas excess. I’m going to try this next weekend (maybe not with chilli flakes, though) and will definitely be getting over to Commune Utopia to pick up a copy of their recipe book!

The kitchen, also remember, can be a place to practice some indoor naturism as well. In fact, for people who are just taking their steps into naturism, home naturism is a perfect jumping on spot, because it really is somewhere you can be naked, yet focused on something else, and if you’re unsure about the whole ‘social nudity’ thing, wandering around in your nothings will quickly make you realise that ‘hey, this feels good’ to not even remembering you’re nude in a very short space of time. At home, nudity need never be confined to just the bathroom and bedroom. You have a whole range of rooms in which to practice home nudity and normalise it for you.


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